Different life paths and different experiences lead to different perspectives.

This site is mostly the product of two seminal experiences:


When I was in grad school, I met three Palestinian graduate students. I talked with them about Israel and the Middle East quite a few times. At first, I told them about the persecution of Jews in Europe, and how Israel had begun as a response to religious persecution. They listened. Then they talked , and I listened.


On September 11, 2001, I watched both the North Tower and the South Tower collapse on TV, in real time. My first impression was that explosives had destroyed both buildings, and that we, the United States, had been attacked by a powerful enemy; an enemy that was unafraid of American military power.

I was relieved when the attacks were blamed on an Islamic terrorist group, and much more relieved when the incredibly energetic collapses had been blamed on structural failures in the buildings caused by the plane crashes and the resulting fires.

I tried to find out about Al-Qaeda, read widely about the events of September 11th, and gradually noticed how many connections there were between those events and Israel . I also learned how the official version of the collapses of the Twin Towers and Seven World Trade Center didn't really explain all of the physical phenomena associated with those collapses, and that the Twin Towers themselves were also closely connected to Israel through their lessees.


It's my belief that the War on Terroism is connected in many ways to Israel's actions and to the processes that created Israel.

It's also my belief that an explanation of 9/11, in which Israel played a central role in the planning and execution, is self-consistent and reasonably probable.

This site is the product of iterative examination and reexamination - not a knee-jerk response to any religion, political philosophy, or event. It reflects my attempt to approximate the truth about the darker, less known aspects of modern Israel, and to illuminate them as well as I can. It will answer some questions and raise others.

Doug Greene