The Mossad

This section is about Israel's foreign intelligence service, Mossad.


Mossad operations often use the same strategies and techniques used by professional illusionists. Here are examples.

A brief biography of the iconic Isser Harel, who was Mossad's chief for most of the organization's first decade.

Mary Barrett interviews the ex-Mossad katsa and author Victor Ostrovsky.

In a very complex operation, a hand-picked Iraqi pilot was convinced to fly a Mig from Iraq to Israel. This is a Russian version of events.

Do all of Mossad's agents know that they're working for Mossad? Nope. One Iraqi scientist seems to have thought he was working for a German technical firm. Others seem to have thought they were working for a secret NATO organization, which was actually fictitious.

When a spy agency misrepresents itself to a recruited agent, it's called "false flag recruitment", and Mossad is expert at the technique.

Mossad's Hebrew mottos, past and present, were both taken from the Old Testament book Proverbs, and mean different things to different people.

A description of the CIA assessment of the Mossad, written during the 1970's, and taken from the Iranian embassy during the revolution that overthrew the Shah.