The King David Hotel in Jerusalem
Menachem Begin under arrest by Soviet authorities
A eucalyptus grove

The Zionist Revolution

This section is about the end of the British Mandate in Palestine, when Zionist paramilitary groups, through a barrage of terroism and sabotage, forced the British to withdraw from Palestine. Although in some form or other it lasted for much of the period of the mandate, its most intense phase was from the end of World War II to the final British evacuation in May of 1948.


The King David Hotel was the locale of important sections of the British mandatory government in Palestine. On July 22, 1946, members of Menachem Begin's terrorist group Irgun, dressed as Arabs, entered the basement of the King David Hotel carrying milk churns filled with explosives. The resulting explosion was a dagger aimed at the heart of British authority in Palestine.

Donald Neff describes the Jewish terrorist groups Irgun and Lehi.

Menachem Begin was steeped in Zionism from the cradle, and a protege of Vladimir Jabotinsky. The fortunes of World War II would take him from Warsaw to Palestine. By 1944, he was chief of Irgun, an organization involved in many acts of murder and terrorism, including the bombing of the King David Hotel and the massacre at Dayr Yasin.