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This section brings us face to face with the philosophical truth that we can't know everything, and its immediate corollary: that we don't know everything.


In 1989, Grace Halsell wrote about what appears to be a marathon campaign to prize the Noble Sanctuary away from the Moslems: Palestinian families who lived near the Noble Sanctuary were harassed by yeshuva students, who demanded they leave their homes; Israeli soldiers posted at the entrance to the Noble Sanctuary refused entrance to those deemed "suspicious;" fundraisers in New York City raised money for the "Jerusalem Reclamation Project."

According to Grace Halsell, the ultimate goal of building a third temple on the land occupied by the Noble Sanctuary is barely concealed.

In 1990, Mary Barrett described circumstantial evidence that young Palestinian men were being killed for their organs.

In 2009, Swedish journalist Donald Bostrom wrote that evidence indicates that Palestinian prisoners have had their organs harvested for many years, and may have been captured with this purpose in mind.

In this 2009 article, Alison Weir marshalls evidence to suggest that such a suspicion isn't "hate porn," as some of Israel's supporters claim, but considering Israel's past activities related to organ harvesting, very possible.

In 1990, Grace Halsell described a Jewish assault on a Christian church in Jerusalem's Old City, and ongoing attempts to "reclaim" Moslem and Christian property in Jerusalem.

Alison Weir describes Israel's "anti-assimilation" organizations, whose business is apparently to discourage Jewish-Moslem love affairs that might lead to marriage.